Road Side Operation- B2141

In October 2018 MJO Forestry undertook our first Roadside Operation to clear the dangerous Ash Trees from the edge of the road of the B2141, where they were a risk to traffic and the public. A two-week operation was carried out by our cutters and machinery to ensure the B2141 was cleared of all infected Ash Trees.

The work started in North Marden and ended at South Harting. An expanse of 1.4 miles was cleared using a systematic and methodical approach.

The preparation for this Roadside operation involved leasing with the Street Works to gain permission to close the road for 2 weeks. The road was blocked by timber and clear road signs were set out. Although we followed strict regulations for the road closure to ensure our team as well as the public were not put at risk, the presence of cyclists was a constant worry to our team.

We have many more roadside operations coming up in the future with the aim to remove all dangerous ash tress that could be a risk to the public.