Specialists in Forestry & Woodland Management

Working with Woodland Owners and Conservation Groups

MJO Forestry Ltd specialises in Forestry & Woodland Management and woodland conservation

We work closely with private woodland owners and with wildlife and conservation groups. Operating throughout West Sussex and Hampshire we carry out forestry & woodland management projects and work to increase bio-diversity.

We also carry out woodland planting, track and ride clearance, purchase of standing timber, tree thinning, tree felling and footpath maintenance.

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Tree Planting

MJO Forestry is committed to biodiversity and sustainable forestry management. In the winter months our staff are out planting 1000’s of sapling trees and installing tree guards to ensure woodland regeneration.


Once planting has been completed the establishment phase continues then for at least five years, ensuring the investment of planting is successful.

Tree Thinning & Felling

MJO Forestry carries out tree thinning and felling as part of the cycle of woodland management. Trees for felling are carefully selected and thinning improves the growth rate and health of the remaining trees.

Safety Matters

Dangerous trees are selected and felled in order to stay in line with safety regulations. We have an experienced team of cutters and machine operators whom carry out this work.

Footpath & Ride Maintenance

MJO Forestry embarks on a wide variety of work which includes implementing Countryside Stewardship Schemes by maintaining or widening footpaths and rides to ensure that recreational access to the woodland is maintained, and to encourage biodiversity.

Safety & Public Access

We work closely with Estate Owners to ensure the trees close to the footpath edge are safe for public access.

Ash Dieback

Ash dieback is impacting all our woodlands across the country. MJO Forestry is playing a major role in the management of safely removing diseased, dead or dying Ash Trees from both public and private land across West Sussex.

Ash Tree removal

We have worked with various organisations to tackle the vast and growing problem of Ash Dieback. We continue to plan and work effectively in order to keep our woodlands safe.

What Our Clients Say

“The Goodwood Estate Forestry Department have been working closely with MJO Forestry for over two decades and have in that time built a solid relationship.  The reason this has worked so well is their ethos that it is the trees that are left behind that are important, not the amount of short-term gain that can be had year on year.  This has meant that the quality and health of the woodland has improved over this period and MJO’s help with the latest ash die-back issue has helped to lessen the burden of so many trees needing to be removed in such a short space of time.

Marc’s team have also been part of our new planting scheme, which has seen them plant over 6,000 trees for us this year alone, with a further 10,000 this winter thereby adding another generation of trees to the estate..”


Latest News

Roadside Operations

July 25th, 2019|

Road Side Operation- B2141 In October 2018 MJO Forestry undertook our first Roadside Operation to clear the dangerous Ash Trees from the edge of the road of the B2141, where they were a risk to

Ash Dieback

July 19th, 2019|

Ash Dieback What is Ash Dieback? It is thought that Chalara, or Ash Dieback as it is more commonly referred to, spread to Europe in the 1990s but has only, in the last few

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