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Forestry Machines & Methods

Fox Forestry Harvester, MJO Forestry, West Dean near Chichester


The most recent addition to our collection of Forestry Machines & Methods!

The Ponsse Fox allows us to efficiently harvest the mixed woodland that we manage. This medium sized harvester gives us scope to thin a huge expanse of woodland across the South Downs in order to create room for more trees to grow. Our skilled drivers ensure they are selective about the trees that are taken to ensure wildlife and habitat continue to thrive in the areas in which we work.


At MJO Forestry we have two forwarders used to retrieve the wood that has been cut and transfer it to roadside stacks ready for selling. Once stacked, the wood is sold to local Firewood companies and split ready to go to log burners and open fires.


Cutters and Chainsaws

We have a team of experienced and qualified cutters who thin the vast areas of post 1987 ‘hurricane’ re-planted woodland. Trees are carefully selected and marked for the cutters to thin so that the appropriate amount of trees are taken. After woodland has been thinned the resulting space allows the rest of the trees to thrive.

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