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"The markets are evolving constantly keeping me on my toes! From forest to point of sale a lot of man power and machinery is involved in the sustainable thinning operations we carry out."

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Marc J Odin

Marc grew up in the little village of West Dean nestled in the heart of the South Downs. His parents moved here when his Father, Ian Odin, was hired as a forest worker for West Dean Estate in 1964. Marc was 9 when he got his first job earning £1 per hour at the Chilsdown Vineyard, working alongside his beloved mother Hilda and little brother Neil. After finishing his A Levels at Chichester High School for Boys in 1988 he offered to help his father with an immediate problem… It came to light in that none of the local forestry contractors wanted to do a job so mindless, monotonous and painful as drift-weeding after the devastating 1987 storm. With plenty of mates wanting work prior to heading off to university the labour force was a relatively easy thing to supply so there it began! Marc started drift-weeding on vast areas of newly planted woodland on West Dean estate and built his business from there… the rest, they say, is history!

What We Do

Aside from sustainable forestry and complete woodland management, we provide many local wood markets including high quality chestnut fencing and of course various local firewood businesses. We also work closely with private woodland owners, as well as wildlife and conservation groups to increase bio-diversity. We organise large scale woodland management, woodland planting, track and ride clearance, purchase of standing timber, coppicing, tree thinning and tree felling, as well as footpath & ditch maintenance. We manage these woodlands by using contemporary systems where possible to increase the productive life span of the woodlands and their surroundings.

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Buddy (Top Dog)

I like running in the woods, it's a nice escape for me from all the sleeping and eating I do at home.

- Buddy, 2015